Street Cloudz

10 Flavours of the Streets


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Dark Cherry - Sweet and sour cherries combine for a classic flavour combination

Blackcurrant - A staple of any range, juicy blackcurrant is a must have for fruit lovers.

Raspberry - Sweet raspberries, perfectly balanced, with an icy blast.

Halo Berry - A classic blend of berries, layeredwsith an icy hit.

Red A - Featuring the taste of red berries mixed with sweet eucalyptus, aniseed & menthol.

Raspberry Ripple - Vanilla icecream infused with raspberry syrup make up this summer time classic.

Bubblegum Fizz - A bubblegum kick with a fizzy aftertaste, maximum flavour guaranteed.

Lemonade - Refreshing lemonade makes for the perfect all day vape.

Tropical Icecream - An exotic blend of fruits steeped in vanilla icecream.

Blue Raspberry - Delicious, tangy blue raspberries.

50ml Shortfill

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